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  • How often do you change the water?
    Every 2 or 3 days is good, if the water starts looking murky you should refill the tray immediately using the easy flush system method.
  • Is I Re Grow dishwasher safe?
    Yes. I Re Grow is made from a clear durable BPA FREE plastic that is dishwasher safe.
  • How many vegetables, fruits and herb can be regrown?"
    At least more than 60 herbs, veggies, fruits and spices can be regrown in water.
  • Can you regrow or clone succulents, non-edible and ornamental type plants?"
    Yes, as long as it fits in the holes, or you can always take the top off and use with container alone.
  • Can you regrow pineapple or avocado?
    Yes. Removing the lid allows for regrowth of larger plants.
  • Do you only use water?
    Typically water only, however you can add small amounts of nutrients, distilled water works great for regrowing purposes.
  • How high should I fill I Re Grow with water?
    ill until plants are slightly touching water, reduce water when roots are present, let roots only touch water, submerging plant in water too deep may cause plant rot.
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