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We absolutely LOVE our I Regrow system!! It creates a cool kitchen project for the family that

 we experience together every day. I Regrow is promoting a sense of responsibility to not waste

food and helps educate us all about living a bit more sustainably by making small changes and

learning respect for food. We even connected with our daughter’s STEAM club at school so the

children can use the I Regrow for their spring gardening projects on campus. Great gift for all

ages! Good luck I Regrow Team!!!


-Lucia Silberman

Every kitchen should have these. Before I Regrow, my counter was full of plastic containers

but none of them would hold the veggies in place. Now, my kitchen counters are neat and my

veggies have their own space to grow. I love how I'm not wasting any part of my vegetables!


-Shareen Jabbari

I RE GROW is a product well worth having in your home. I have always wanted to have

my own mini garden where I could grow some of my own food, but it's always been a difficult

task considering I don't have a 'green thumb'. With I RE GROW, it not only makes it feasible but

convenient. This is the best investment for those who want to try their hands at growing your

own food but is challenged when it comes to growing plants. I HIGHLY recommend I RE GROW!


--Toya F.

I really LOVE my I Re Grow!!! I buy scallions, put them in the holes, add a lilttle water and use it as I need so it keeps the scallions fresh and when I cut to use they literally just grow back... its AMAZING!!!

-Pierre A

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